EPC General Questions 

It is a document that details the construction, heating and lighting of a property and therefore an approximation of the cost and carbon emissions for the property. 
It's very simple, make an appointment via phone or email with one of our network assessors, the appointment could take up to an hour and the certificate could be ready the same day. 
An EPC for a house or flat could vary by size and location. Please contact your local assessor by searching on our home page using the first part of your postcode. 
A commercial EPC will generally cost more and assessors require a different qualification to carry out a commercial EPC – so ensure you advise the assessor of your needs. 
The site visit for a domestic property could take up to an hour. The assessor will look at the general construction and size, any improvements since it was built, the type of windows, the heating system and its controls, water heating, storage and controls and the lighting. Access to your attic space is required. 
An EPC lasts for ten years. You may, however, commission a new EPC whenever you want, this may be if you have some work done that has improved the efficiency of the property. 
A valid EPC needs to be in place for all properties marketed for sale or to be let. There is a grace period of seven days from the start of the marketing. A fine can be payable after this period. 
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